Tucson Welcome Club social and active clubTucson Welcome Club is a social and active club with a philanthropic focus designed to acquaint new residents and reintroduce long time residents of Tucson to our city.

Join us each month for a variety of activities like member luncheons, hiking, golf, book clubs, games, and more.  Check out this month’s activities on our Calendar page.

Service Project

Every year we select an organization to benefit from our fundraising efforts conducted every month.  Recent Service Project recipients have included Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy CenterBag It!, Southwest Medical Aid, New Beginnings for Women and Children, and Therapeutic Riding of Tucson

Our donations have exceeded $80,000 including contributions to these wonderful organizations:

2014-2015 Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center $15,000  http://www.soazadvocacy.org
2013-14 Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center $12,475  http://www.soazadvocacy.org
2012-13 Bag It $5000  http://bagit4u.org
2011-2012 Southwest Medical Aid $7000  http://www.southwestmedicalaid.org
2010-2011 New Beginnings for Women and Children $5970 http://www.ourfamilyservices.org/programs/newbeginnings.html
2009-2010 Therapeutic Riding of Tucson (TROT) $6000 http://www.trotarizona.org/
2008-2009 Youth on Their Own $6000  https://yoto.org/
2007-2008 Giving Tree $6500
2006-2007 Old Pueblo Children’s Services $7050
2005-2006 Old Pueblo Children’s Services $9800
2004-2005 Comstock Children’s Foundation, Inc.
2002-2004 Old Pueblo Children’s Services (2 years)
2001-2002 Multiple Sclerosis Support Foundation of Pima County
2000-2001 Miracle Square

For the 2015-2016 club year, our Service Project is Emerge!  For more information, please visit their website. http://www.emergecenter.org/

Become a member today!

To join our club, complete and return your Membership application.  With your application returned by June, you’ll be included in our Membership Directory updated each year.  For information, email us at membership@tucsonwelcomeclub.com

A Brief History

In April 1982 a meeting was organized for the purpose of forming an alumnae group of members of Welcome Wagon Northeast.  A majority of the first graduating class (May 1982) attended as well as the prospective alumnae of December 1982.  At that meeting the WWNE Alumnae was formalized, along with a set of acting officers for the Executive Board of Directors.

At the May 1982 graduation luncheon, the parent club presented a check for $100 to the WWNE Alumnae to aid in starting the new club.  The first formal luncheon meeting was held in September 1982 and the name was changed to Welcome Wagon Tucson Club Northeast.  The parent club combined with the Alumnae club in June 2006 and the name was changed to Welcome Wagon Tucson Northeast Club.

In 2013 the club’s name changed to Tucson Welcome Club to better reflect what we do and how far we have come from being associated with the former organization that once greeted new comers to the area.

Thank you for your interest and support of our organization.  We hope to see you soon!